Over time, visible evidence of aging often presents itself as a result of elements including sun exposure and the coupled effects of gravity and the aging process. Used for decades, collagen is one of the most important components of a person’s skin. It is what causes the skin to be supple, resilient and retain its youthful appearance. We start losing collagen as we age; this ultimately leads to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles.

To combat this, various new ways to treat and reverse the signs of aging are continuously being researched and developed with a special focus on non-invasive and non-surgical methods. One of the most revered treatments on the market in this regard is SmartSkin+ laser resurfacing.

What is the SmartSkin+ Laser Technology?

The SmartSkin+ treatment utilizes a CO2 micro-ablative laser that is more precise and customizable than previously available lasers. The technology works by sending lasers deep within the epidermis which in turn kick-starts the body’s collagen production while assisting with tissue repair at the same time. This customized procedure provides a wide range of skin resurfacing benefits including regenerating collagen production, smoothing skin tone and reducing wrinkles. Due to the precision of this laser technology, it can be used on any part of the body including minute areas like around the eyes and eyelids. Unlike other laser systems that only have uniform settings, Smartskin+ delivers truly unique treatment parameters to match the individual needs of the patient.

How is SmartSkin+ Laser Technology Unique?

SmartSkin+ utilizes an ablative laser, meaning it eliminates the external layer of the epidermis. This cutting edge technology is an innovative method of obtaining skin rejuvenation by way of a non-invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime. With other forms of lasers, surgeons are restricted to the inbuilt settings and configurations of the laser. However, the SmartSkin+ laser differs from these lasers by granting surgeons full access to customize its settings. This allows surgeons to determine the power, density, and pulse level to suit the needs of each individual patient. These customizable settings greatly reduce any chance of complications and lower the recovery time required after the procedure as no two individuals are the same.

Before, During and After Your SmartSkin+ Procedure

Pre-procedure, Dr. Delgado will recommend limited sun exposure, including tanning beds and tanning creams. A discontinuation of products containing Retin-A, Hydroquinone, and Alpha-Hydroxy acids will also be strongly advised. The procedure itself takes from twenty to forty minutes per session. During the treatment, a topical numbing cream will be applied to avoid discomfort prior to procedure.

The downtime differs from patient to patient based on the extent of their treatment. Should an individual’s wrinkles present as more severe, the power of the laser must be increased which will require a slightly longer recovery time. It is normal and expected that after the treatment patients may experience mild swelling and redness to the area treated. Nevertheless, two to three days is usually the maximum amount of time it takes for a person to recover and resume their daily lifestyle. Your typical skin care regime can be resumed once the irritation subsides. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for 3 weeks from treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Delgado’s Office in Novato?

Dr. Delgado’s board-certified reputation precedes him as being one of the leading medical professionals when it comes to surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. With over two decades in the field of plastic surgery, the success of Dr. Delgado lies in the hundreds of satisfied patient testimonials. He truly values the patient experience from consultation to post-procedure.

If you are a resident of Novato, California or its surrounding areas, contact Novato Med Spa for a consultation with Dr. Delgado for a skin analysis.


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