Palomar Icon Laser

As we age, the hands of time cause skin damage which presents itself in the form of wrinkles, scarring, unevenly pigmented skin, stretch marks and sun damage. To combat and reverse the effects of aging, Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Delgado expertly utilizes Palomar Icon Laser technology. This non-invasive tool incorporates fractionated light to replace damaged skin and offer you a more youthful, enhanced physical appearance.

Approved by the FDA, Palomar Icon Laser technology is a safe and viable option for your skin tightening procedure. This advanced laser treatment technique is safely performed in our office by Dr. Delgado and will leave you feeling more confident after just thirty minutes.

 What is the Palomar Icon Laser Technology?

Palomar Icon Laser technology is a non-ablative tool which works by emitting thousands of micro-columns of laser energy. The tiny beams of energy penetrate deeply into tissue to revitalize your skin cells from the inside, out, causing a boost of collagen production. This treatment is gentle and doesn’t break the skin’s surface. Though patient may feel slight pinching throughout the treatment, the skin is not harmed at all. Depending on your needs, Dr. Delgado performs Palomar Icon Laser treatments monthly until you obtain your goal results.

 How is Palomar Icon Laser Technology Unique?

Palomar Icon Laser allows us to rejuvenate your complexion without the use of harmful chemicals or surgery. Unlike other laser procedures, this technique can be performed during your lunch-break and won’t cause any downtime. The fairly new technology utilizes rays of heat to heal wrinkles, traumatic scarring, signs of aging and sun damage. The success of Palomar Icon Laser technology is guaranteed when performed by an experienced professional.

 Before, During and After your Palomar Icon Laser Procedure

  • Before: Our team advises against tanning prior to procedure to maximize skin health. Before your Palomar treatment, we will cleanse treatment area and apply numbing cream to increase comfort during the procedure.
  • During: Delgado gently passes the Palomar Icon Laser over the target areas. The medical grade laser pulses light into deep tissue layers to correct skin damage. Our clinical team applies a cooling serum following the procedure to soothe and protect your sensitive skin.
  • After: Delgado advises patient of post treatment plan. Please moisturize and stay out of sunlight for at least one week to optimize recovery. Though you may experience skin pinkness and slight swelling, side effects should resolve within two days. Your regular skin care routine may be resumed when swelling fades.

 Why Choose Dr. Delgado’s Office in Novato?

Qualified in all of the latest dermal technologies and laser treatments, Dr. Delgado is proud to have hundreds of satisfied patients. If you would like a younger, more vibrant complexion, Dr. Delgado will work with you to help attain your goals. Please contact Novato Medical Spa today if you’re ready for this life-changing procedure.



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