Clean Teen Clarifying Treatment & Healthy Skin

Glowing radiant skin is a sign of health and well-being. As part of our services, we are pleased to offer a way to promote and achieve healthy skin for young adults through customized clarifying skin treatments. A simple at home skin care regimen and in office treatments encompass the corrective and maintenance skin care program that can help achieve healthy habits that last a lifetime. Our Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Registered Nurse, Ariel Kirk, performs all of our Clean Teen Clarifying Treatments at our Novato office.

Nutritional Counseling for Teens and Adults

Have you ever wondered how food affects the condition of the skin? Today the connection between nutritional science and the skin’s appearance is far more sophisticated than the old statement “greasy food causes acne”. A balanced diet is the foundation for the body’s capacity to heal and regenerate. Understanding how your body reacts to and processes food can improve how you look and feel.

Genetics, diet, hormones and stress levels all influence skin conditions. For teens, whose bodies are undergoing significant growth and change, proper nutrition can have a significant impact on overall health, as well as affect the outward appearance of skin. Selecting nourishing foods and vitamins will support the skin and help optimize its vital functions. An early positive relationship with food can lead to smart choices throughout life.

Clarifying Treatment

As a teen’s body matures, their skincare needs evolve. Our exclusive clarifying treatment is an excellent way to enhance teenage skin and serves a powerful complement to a well-designed at-home skincare routine. The treatment consists of a Visia Complexion Analysis, deep cleanse, and a customized treatment such as extractions, microdermabrasion, peel, and/or a mask. Whether the skin type is sensitive, dry or acne prone, Ariel will formulate the most effective treatment possible. The result is a refreshing, deep-penetrating, and relaxing skin treatment that can soothe the skin and alleviate breakouts and irritations.

Not only does our clarifying treatment immediately address the skin care needs of the maturing teen, it provides an opportunity to inform him or her about the importance of skincare. At the conclusion of the session, Ariel will recommend a customized skincare program and answer any questions.


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